• Madrid Station Exhibition

    NEW DATES: 01 to 28 February 2023

    After the big success of the five previous editions of the Contemporary Art Station exhibitions in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Barcelona, we are announcing the “Madrid Station Exhibition” in Spain, covering the period of ARCO 2023 art fair and the full Spanish Art Week (including Art Madrid, Salón de Arte Moderno, JUSTMAD, URVANITY ART, Room Art Fair, Hybrid Art Fair, Drawing Room, ARTIST Féria de Arte Contemporáneo and many more), when thousands of art collectors and art professionals visit the city.

    Contemporary Art Station will convert the “Nuevos Ministerios Station” of Madrid into an art exhibition at Madrid's underground station with the art printed and displayed in a big-scale poster in Nuevos Ministerios Station (Madrid), with an estimated 2.6 million people a day over a 1 month period exhibition.

    The posters will be displayed at Nuevos Ministerios Station covering ARCO and the art month.

    Contemporary Art Station

  • Agora Gallery

    Agora Gallery

    Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography

    October 10 – October 30, 2019
    Reception: Thursday, October 10, 2019 6-8 PM

  • Any of Several Weasels

    Any of Several Weasels

    Any of Several weasels

    Progressive yet irreverent with excellent bizarre energy and strong ambiance of a frantic, spastic, groove cool bundle. Great blown out prog punk fusion with an anarchistic touch.

  • Other Peoples Children

    Other Peoples Children

    Other Peoples Children

    Acoustic Prog Punk
    Avante-Hard Cyber-Acoustic music like a city overgrown with woods.
    Energetic acoustic guitar songs sometimes augmented with synth & sampled noodling.

  • La Yola - Luis Días Y Lliam Greguez

    La Yola - Luis Días Y Lliam Greguez

    La Yola

    First four songs are two acoustic guitars and vocals recorded to 8-track, the last 5 are recorded live on WNYC

    released February 28, 2017

    Luis Diaz - composer & acostic steel string
    Lliam Greguez - Support guitar & vocals

  • Little Treasures 2019

    Little Treasures 2019

    Rushing Overhang, Soar, Moon Mountains, and MudLift
    hanging as 8” x 8” Metal Sublimated Photographs of ice
    at “Little Treasures 2019”
    Bologna, Italy, at the "De Marchi Gallery",
    from 30 March till 11 April

    Inaugurazione 30 Marzo alle 17:30

    |http://www.trevisan-international-art.com/events.html|Trevisan International Art |

  • Ice Wallpaper at Bite

    Ice Wallpaper at Bite
  • 2016 Ice "Patterns of the Flow"

    Lliam Greguez's
    Abstract Ice Photos
    at bite delicious food
    211 E 14th St (3rd/2nd) nyc

    Opening Sun July 11 2016 => Continuing Into 2017

    Ice photos at bite on 14th St north side near 3rd Ave.
    (CaterCorner from Trader Joes)

    On Sale from $20 to $200

    Here's what people have said:

    Hey Lliam, I saw your photos last night, they look great. That size really does them justice. And the place is pretty cool too. Great work!

    We were thrilled with your website and the new pictures; they are completely absorbing and remarkably refreshing.
    You create a healing journey that feels like a breeze and a satisfying walk.
    Mary Kate

    Ice seeds and liquid breath, your photos are exquisite. You capture and give back the silken threads linking elements. Thanks!

    Wow, congratulations! What an incredible collection of pictures!

    i luv, luv Lliams photo's they are amazing the size works really well in bite they create a whole new environment not just cool pictures to look at. Brilliant! tell him i said so Mwah!

    Lliam, you are awesome! Your art is truly beautiful and amazing.

    Lliam, I'm completely out of words, your pics are amazing.

    Increibles fotos...Espero q' esta sea una de las muchas exposiciones.

    Hey Lliam, I'm so glad your vitreous and pellucid art is impacting other people's lives and the way we perceive ourselves with nature.
    I hope your inspiring Thoreauvian art we may (all) can experience a pristine connection with our common origin --the mysterious history of life and meaning.
    Please, keep me posted. Best regards, Ed. Beat