Lliam is a macro ice photographer who has been
capturing moments of a mountain stream in winter since 2005.
The abstract images encourage imagination
with the four-dimensional beauty of frozen water.
Here you find surface texture, inner depth,
substance beyond, and reflection.

These are photos of Ice.
Some look
like abstract paintings.
All are surreally real.

Each photo
views the malleability
of time upon form; 
a moment of the
movement called interaction.

Enjoy this vision of reality.

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine ART REVIEW

ICE Photos by Lliam Greguez

Before C-19 Lliam Greguez was a Creative Arts Therapist,
supported by enCourageKids,
providing therapeutic music since 1987
for hospitalized children to improve their
physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
The kids called him Bill or Guitar Man.

Many times the child was the one playing the guitar, synth, or percussion,
other times Lliam was singing requests or in the background creating an atmosphere.
The result was families that felt better.

Lliam also produced five albums.
The two acoustics are: Other People’s Children in English
and La Yola in Spanish,
the latter written by Dominican artist Luis Días.
Each showcase uptempo acoustic music with a unique essence accompanied by deliberative lyrics.

The two rock albums also contain one by Luis Días and one by
the trio Any of Several Weasels reveling in the electric guitar sound.
Luis' album, Radio Macana is driven by Caribbean rhythms,
while AoSW fuses punk and progressive.

Meanwhile, the Look of Utter Disbelief explores synth, sampling, and guitar improvisations.

Lliam is an Earthian, a Vibrationalist, and a firm believer in the importance of clean air, pure water and fertile soil, to sustain life as we know it.